Welcome to the site that I hope inspires you to be creative. I love to look at pictures and read ideas that get my mind whirling around thinking of new creative projects to do. Inspiration is what motivates us to do something about the creativity that is born within us. The Bible says that we were made in the image of God. And who could possibly more creative than the creator of the universe. I hope you take time out every day to be creative and to be inspired to creativity. I consider myself to be an "angel" company (which means you can make and sell products that you make using my art.). I do appreciate acknowledgements of my art when you use it. However, if somewhere down the line you make a million dollars using my art I would appreciate some kind of royalties.

Feel free to 'window' shop and if you happen to find something you want you may purchase it by clicking on the 'add to cart' button. When you are done shopping go to the 'view cart' site where you will follow the instructions to pay for your items. You can pay for your items with Paypal. Once you have paid for the product you will receive an email with a compressed folder so that you can download the files onto your computer. Most items consist of more than one file. A jpg file which retains its white background. A png file that has a transparent background. And a jpg file that has been colored so that all you have to do is print it out onto the paper or card stock of your choice. (Remember that printing on a colored paper will change the color of the image.)

You also have the option to purchase a ready made card. It comes on a template in a pdf file. The card is set up with crop marks and you will cut and then fold the card. Each card comes with extra images that you can cut out to layer onto the card giving it that personal, handmade look. The cards also come with a second file for the envelope. This is also a pdf file that you can print onto paper, cut out, fold, and glue to make an envelope that will be the correct size and matches your card.

If you have any questions feel free to email me. Just remember, I am a person and not a computer. You may have to wait for an answer. But I try to be timely.

Cindy Ribet